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Treatment FAQ

Why get treatment in Hungary?
You get private, high quality dental care for a fraction of the UK cost.
We run our own laboratory, so our clients spend up to 30% less time waiting for their dental products than they would with our competitors.

Do you provide guarantees for your dental products?
– Implants are guaranteed for 5-7 years
– Crowns, inlays and bridges are guaranteed for 2-3 years
– Our dentures are guaranteed for 1 year
You will need to have an annual check-up.

Does your work meet UK and EU specification?
Yes, we only use EU confirmed CE materials and our service standard is world class. There is more information about this and the quality of materials used in the information pack that you will receive on your consultation day.

How long would I be away from home?
It all depends on what kind of treatment you need, but in most cases only for a few days (between 3-12). You will be given an estimate of the total time. If you got your panorama x-ray and send it already to your contact person, you will get a special plan based on 3D, the single steps what we are planning and also the costs. You have the option to contact your doctor on Skype or on e-mail.

Travel FAQ

Is it difficult to travel to Budapest?
Not at all. There are very frequent flights available from London airport. Budapest is only a 2,5 hour flight away and with cheap flights a return journey could cost less than €130.

Who organises the travel?
We find that most people like to arrange their own journey but Natural Dental provides free transfer from the airport to your accommodation in Budapest and we provide information about the airlines and recommended hotels to help you do this in the way that best suits you. We will also try to answer any travel related questions that you may have.

Where would I stay?
There are many hotels and apartments available within easy walking distance of our centrally located surgery. You can find information about them all on our website.

What are the hotels like?
The choice is yours. Depending on how much you want to spend you can choose from budget to luxury. We recommend 4 star hotels if you want to have first-class service, total relaxation, comfort and a helpful, friendly atmosphere.

What is the food like?
Hungarian gastronomy is world famous – you should not leave the country without tasting some of the delicious food and wine! Traditional Hungarian dishes are cooked using a wide variety of local, natural ingredients. Hungarians are especially passionate about their soups, desserts and pastries as well as the famous stuffed pancakes. After trying a few of the many delectable local dishes we’re certain that you will walk away loving Hungarian cuisine as much as we do!

Do you have public transportation in Budapest?
Yes, the public transport system in Budapest is great. We have 3 subways and hundreds of bus routes, trains and trams to serve the 2 million people in Budapest. It is cheap to use the system, you can get a discounted ticket for tourists, or buy a ‘Budapest Card’ which can also be used in museums, restaurants and many other places.

Could I combine my treatment with a holiday?
Certainly. We think that is the best scenario! While you are here for your treatment, you can take the opportunity to enjoy Budapest, one of the most exciting and beautiful cities in Europe. There are excellent opportunists for spa breaks, city breaks, cultural tourism etc.

Cost FAQ

How much could I save?
You can save 50-70% for the same treatment even when you take into account your travel expenses.

What ways can I pay for my treatment?

You can pay cash or with credit card. All our prices are in Euro. An initial part-payment is required after you have the first part of your treatment and the rest is paid when the treatment is complete.

When does it make financial sense to get treatment at your clinic in Budapest?
In general it is always cheaper, but the more treatment you are having the greater the cost saving you will see.