Dental hygiene treatments

After the traditional ultrasonic scaling, now it is possible to perform the so-called Air-Brush salt polishing which cleans even the most difficult-to-reach gaps and has a natural bleaching effect.

The device used for salt polishing sprays the mixture of fine flavoured salt, water and air with high pressure onto the surface of the teeth and among those making them completely smooth and sparkle. During the process, the salt particles meet the surface and level the rough parts stopping the discoloration of the tooth and making them even possibly two shades whiter. Another advantage of the Air-Brush salt polishing is that bad taste in the mouth caused by plaque and bad breath can be terminated. The result is completely obvious, thanks to the treatment of the mouth and teeth will become healthier and provide a more aesthetic look.

The Air-Brush salt polishing which is offered among our services is performed by the proven and reliable EMS Air-Flow prophylaxis sandblaster. It is named after the large amounts and very small particles just as if we were using the sand of the desert. The advantages of the device include the fineness of grinding and polishing capability, which is typical of the grains of the desert sand. Using the EMS Air Flow, we can provide our patients the same smoothness and gloss which can be observed in the case of stones in the desert. As a result, plaque or bacteria can no longer adhere on the surface of the teeth. After the treatment, taking the necessary oral hygiene advice, our patients will have healthy and beautiful teeth for many years and will not need to fear plaque or the weakening of the periodontal or tooth enamel. Therefore, we usually recommend this service as well to all our patients having tartar