Dental surgery

The precondition for rapid and satisfactory wound healing is stable clot formation therefore it is prohibited to rinse or suck the wound. During the surgery, due to the local anaesthesia due nerve conduction is periodically turned off in the area and as a result 2-4 hours after the intervention numbness becomes a general phenomenon. In order to protect the soft parts of the mouth, no food consumption is recommended during this period. Avoid smoking, alcohol, small grain foods, as well as the consumption of various milk products 2-3 days after the dental surgical procedure.

In terms of cleaning the mouth and the area, on the day of the surgery it is only recommended to do some gentle cleaning, the next day it is recommended to use soft bristle toothbrush and toothpaste and oral antiseptic several times.

After some major oral surgery, facial swelling might be observed. To eliminate this it is recommended to use external, intermittent icing for a couple of days. During the recovery period, if necessary, we provide the patient with prescription for painkillers or antibiotics.
In the event that the patient experiences things that are different from those covered by the dentist, such as leaking bleeding or constant severe pain, it is recommended to visit our surgery as soon as possible, so that the patient gets help as quickly as possible.