Diagnostics / Consultation

Diagnostics, that is the check-up of the status of the teeth, jaw and mandibles, is our initial service for each new patients prior to the different treatments. In addition, diagnosis include the examination of the soft tissues of the mouth and cancer screening, providing both the patient and the dentist with a complete picture of the patient’s oral health status and the causes of pathological lesions. Besides the check-up, a questionnaire is filled in mapping the patient’s general state of health and other diseases which may also affect both the state of the teeth and the selection of treatment options.

Depending on the dentist’s judgment, in addition to the preparation of the preliminary diagnostics, a study impression and photos can be taken of the patient’s teeth – of course with the patient’s consent. With this information, disorders and deficiencies can be studied more easily and they help in preparing an individualized treatment plan. During the diagnosis, the dentist takes into account the patient’s requests and insights, and determine the appropriate treatment option accordingly. Under all circumstances, we have the patients’ personal interests in mind, always striving to achieve their requests while the necessary aesthetic and functional aspects are also met during the treatment.

After setting up a complete diagnosis, our patients receive a personalized treatment plan that includes both the recommended treatment method and the prices. Our patients are notified in advance about any changes in the prices.

If for some reason, due to certain fears in mind our patients would prefer the extraction of the tooth instead of some treatments we try to convince them about our dental preservative opinion. The reason is that according to our Hippocratic Oath the performance of unnecessary medical treatments are considered to be unethical deeds and our intention is to provide painless treatment to solve any arising problems and to restore the health of the mouth and teeth.