Pediatric dentistry

Dental sealants

Dental sealants in our surgery are considered to be preventive treatments which are applied on the molars. It is primarily recommended for our children patients so as to protect both the milk and the permanent teeth, but sometimes dental sealant treatments are also requested by our adult patients.

Dental sealant treatments provide protection against the formation of tooth decays, which often evolve quickly in the tiny grooves and dimples of the molars, on the tooth neck and the surface of the root. This is because the bristles of the toothbrush cannot easily reach these areas which are prone to decay, so the plaque often accumulates there unnoticed and starts destroying the enamel. In many cases, the only indicator of the decay is the enamel whitening, which is not always noticed by the patient. As time passes, however, the condition of the tooth is only getting worse. The tooth surfaces rotten beneath sudden tear, large cavities are formed and pain the patient raises the awareness of the patient of the seriousness of the problem. We recommend therefore that the dental sealant treatment without drilling can be done as early as the outbreak of new molars to prevent this. A special liquid filling material is applied to the teeth surface; it flows into the grooves, thus preventing plaque penetration and accumulation.

For children between the ages of 5-7 the treatment of the first molars, for children between the ages of 9-13 the treatment of the second molars and the treatment of pre-molars are recommended straight after the eruption of teeth.
In case of our adult patients the dental sealant treatment is a micro-invasive intervention. During the procedure a small drill is used to clean the teeth which help to get rid of the discoloured and decayed grooves. It only means a slight loss of tooth material and then the patients can be sure that their teeth are healthy and safe.

Treating milk tooth decay with Tooth Mousse

Thanks to the Tooth Mousse treatment tooth sensitivity can quickly and efficiently be treated and it also helps calcium entry in a natural way. However, clinical tests have shown that this method can also be used for starting milk tooth decays, dental neck sensitivity, and also in case of abrasion and erosion. In addition, it might also be a solution for problems associated with inadequate oral hygiene and dietary habits, and during orthodontic treatment during which a sugar-free, water-based cream containing CPP-ACP is used.
The benefits of the service include the fact that during the application of it the mineral balance is restored in the oral cavity and it replaces the amount of lost minerals and provides extra protection for the teeth. Acid-forming bacteria in the plaque deriving from external or internal sources are neutralized by it. It reduces dentin hypersensitivity and enhances the protective effect of saliva. In addition to these advantages, it should be mentioned that the pleasant provides a cleaner and smoother feel for the teeth.


Dispensing GC Tooth Mousse on the surface of the teeth, the CPP-ACP molecules in it attach themselves to a biofilm, bacteria, plaque and hydroxyapatite as well as the soft tissues of the environment. Meanwhile, it provides freely accessible phosphate and calcium to the teeth, stimulates saliva production, which increases the efficiency of the material. Its beneficial effect is noticeable even after 2-5 minutes and the efficiency only increases the longer it is in the mouth.
Important information: The product is made from cow’s milk, so it is not suitable for patients suffering from lactose intolerance. Furthermore, the product can only be used under medical supervision with preventative purposes.

Optional flavours:

sugar melon

Bifluorid dental coating

Bifluroid dental coating is a very effective solution for the treatment of hypersensitive milk teeth and initial tooth decay. It is a very popular method in paediatric dentistry for treating enamel damage, or applying it after tooth surface loss or grinding, or in case of cervical and dentine sensitivity, but it is also recommended even after plaque or tartar removal.
The advantages of Bifluorid dental coating include that it is a completely painless treatment. In the first phase of the treatment the teeth are dried with air, and then with the help of the dispenser a thin layer is created on the surface of the tooth. After 10-20 seconds of waiting, as the varnish has been absorbed, the teeth are dried again. The fluoride varnish remains on the surface of the teeth for a few days and if the patient feels it necessary the treatment can be repeated two more times, after 7-7 days each.