Fixed orthodontic appliances

The fixed braces are recommended for adults, who are not satisfied with the soundness of their teeth; wish to do something to achieve a beautiful smile. The orthodontic device we use consists of two main parts: brackets glued onto the teeth and connecting arches. Brackets can be made of metal or porcelain.

Metal braces
Porcelain braces

With the Hyrax palate expander device it is possible to expand the upper jaw effectively and quickly. It is most commonly used for patients with permanent teeth, thus complementing the fixed orthodontic appliance.
In Orthodontics, regardless whether the device is removable or fixed at intervals the device needs activation. Activation is a process during which the patient needs to visit the surgery in certain intervals and first the orthodontic appliance is checked and then it is adjusted to the new position of the teeth helping to achieve optimal results.

Removable orthodontic appliances

Removable orthodontic appliances are the most popular and recommended solutions for children at the age of 6-12 as they have been developed for patients with mixed dentition. One of the most popular types of devices is the Schwartz appliance with expander screws, which contains active screws and therefore has different expansion possibilities. As a result, it creates space for the permanent teeth, so future congestion problems can be prevented with it. And if someone wants to change his/her serious teeth congestion in adulthood, then we can achieve spectacular results by orthodontic tooth extraction and fixed appliance.
The so-called functional appliances are removable braces that do not have active screws, but they improve the dentition by stop the bad habits of the patient and preventing harmful functions. They affect the teeth of the upper and lower jaw and mainly modify the relative positions of the bones. The activator and the Fränkel and Hansa appliances are such types.
Whichever braces are chosen by the patient, regular dental check-ups are needed and the orthodontic appliance must regularly be activated. The reason is that the appliance must be adjusted to the new, improved situation so that the desired aesthetic and functional results are achieved as soon as possible.

Aligner-Clear-Invisaling braces

Unlike fixed orthodontic appliances, the Aligner-Clear-Invisaling orthodontic appliance made by the latest technology consists of transparent plastic rails which needed to be replace at specified intervals This type of braces thanks to their transparent material invisibly change the position of the teeth, without affecting the inner part of the lips, the tongue and the speech. They are quick and easy to clean. Regardless of the fact that they are removable, they are proven to be a highly effective solution and the desired result can be achieved very quickly.
If you think that this might be the right solution for making your smile perfect, please contact Dr. Kakasi Csongor, our orthodontist, who can provide a personalized treatment plan both for children and adults.

Trainer device

Our dentistry uses Trainer device too which does not only treat the changes, but deals with their causes as well. It is possible and recommended to be used from a very early age, so milk teeth are treated with i tat the age of 2-5, mixed dentition at the age of 6-12 and permanent teeth at the age of 12-15. It is necessary because the position of the teeth is determined by the tongue and the function and use of the lips, thus, for example, if a child picks up some bad habits- such as mouth breathing tongue thrust swallowing or thumbs sucking – it can modify the position of the teeth. In fact, it does not only affect the position of the teeth, but the development of the entire face the dental arch, it can lead to bite abnormalities, can determine the tilt angle of the teeth and speech problems can occur.
The trainer device is an excellent solution for the prevention and elimination of these problems which is made of medical silicone for the very young ones, which will help them stop thumb sucking or dummy sucking and train the children for proper chewing and swallowing habits. Later it is replaced by a device made of harder polyuretan device that provides a solution for already existing problems, changes the position of the tongue, the improper swallowing and breathing functions habits.