Root canal treatment

The reason for root canal treatment can be a large tooth decay, which reaches or gets so close to the blood vessels and the pulp chamber, and thus a tooth pulp inflammation may occur. The decay is caused by bacteria. The bacteria get to the root canal and the dentin. If tooth decay is so big that the tooth pain cannot be stopped with a simple filling and the tooth cannot be restored, then one of the options is the root canal therapy and root canal filling. During the root canal treatment, the content of the pulp cavity is removed, it is made sterile and it is filled with material which provides durable seal.

The tooth or teeth are anesthetized (under local anaesthesia).
The decay is removed and the top of the pulp chamber is drilled in order to reach the root canal.
The pulp chamber and the root canals are cleaned.
The exudate and bacteria accumulated around the apex is removed.
The root canals are cleaned with special endodontic files.
The clean, bacteria-free canals are filled with an inert material at full length and the opening is sealed up with temporary filling (the ideal root canal filling is “up to the peak” and “best possible fit” that completely fills the cleaned root canals).
The root filled tooth is then filled with the rest of the filling taking the colour of the tooth into consideration.